Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quinoa Caprese Salad

A week ago, I saw a recipe for a gorgeous quinoa and vegetable terrine. It was beautiful, with contrasting colors and textures aligned perfectly atop one another. Between the tasty contents and the gorgeous end product, I was in hot pursuit of my first terrine.

After multiple failed attempts at the terrine, it turns out quinoa and my take on the original recipe makes a pretty darn good salad. My terrine layers slid, collapsed, and mushed into each other like melted crayons. It wasn't pretty. In fact, it wasn't anywhere close to pretty. I'm still not sure where I went so tragically wrong, but I'm happy to have wound up with this great salad as its delicious stand in.

Quinoa Caprese Salad
1 cup cooked quinoa
1/2 cup mozzarella, cut in cubes
3/4 cup sliced tomato
2 Tbsp fresh basil
1 Tbsp good balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup cucumber, peeled and sliced (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste

Combine cooled quinoa with balsamic vinegar in a large bowl. Mix in sliced tomato, mozzarella, cucumber (if desired) and salt and pepper. Gently stir to mix all ingredients. Chill for one hour, top with fresh torn basil and serve.


As you may have noticed, I have a shameless love for balsamic as a flavor base, as seen here and here and over here. This salad would be great tossed in a light citrus and olive oil vinaigrette, or simply with oil and fresh herbs. Get creative, have fun and as always, happy eating!


sweetlife said...

I love salad with grains, they are perfect for lunches and the add options for addings are endless.


Girl Foodie said...

I can just imagine the texture of the quinoa with the softness of the cheese and veggies. What a lovely idea and a brilliant choice for the coming summer months. Thanks for sharing!

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Noelle said...

Nice recipe!!! Love the colors too! Thanks Laura!

Cookin' Canuck said...

This salad looks like a wonderful consolation to the collapsed terrine. I'm always looking for new ways to prepare quinoa.

Anonymous said...

this sounds soo good... quinoa caprese. perfect!