Saturday, January 2, 2010

Playing With Your Food is Encouraged

Happy 2010 to all and welcome to the new decade! Hopefully you had a safe and fun holiday season and by now have properly recovered and rehydrated. Pasadena is just starting to wind down from an eventful few days, namely the Rose Bowl and the Rose Bowl Parade. Tens of thousands of football fans, parade goers and New Year's revelers descended on Pasadena en masse, and by this time tomorrow it should be a little quieter. The parade floats are on display for two days after the parade, so I thought it was time check off seeing the floats from my California bucket list.

I knew the floats were created with precision, patience, painstaking detail and oodles and oodles of flowers. What I didn't realize was how much fruit and vegetable matter was used. Here's a non traditional post for your viewing pleasure, highlighting the amazing uses of some common pantry staples.. who knew?!?

Orange leaves, dried chrysanthemum, split peas and yellow lentils

Pineapple and lime skins, orange slices and kidney beans

Green split peas, dried parsley, dried lima beans and corn husks. Each corn husk was hand cut and individually ironed

Kidney and pinto beans, orange lentils, crushed yellow lentils and corn husks

Green split peas, black beans, ground white lentils, ground split peas

Black beans, coconut flakes and dried chili pepper flakes

Nori seaweed, ground coffee, coconut, lima beans


Miriam said...

It's really amazing!

Bonz said...

Wow...that's neat!! :)

Jessie said...

that is really cool!