Sunday, June 14, 2009

Special Olympics Cupcake Extravaganza

This weekend the Southern California Special Olympics Summer Games were held in Long Beach. I've been fortunate enough to volunteer with this fantastic organization for five years and had the opportunity again this weekend. This year marked the 40th anniversary celebration of the summer games in Southern California. The great folks at VONS helped commemorate the anniversary with a bakery fresh tribute that smelled as amazing as it looked.

The mega cupcake-cake was assembled with two foot by four foot sheets of cupcakes. The pieces were "grouted" together with a layer of cupcakes...

...then carefully "spackled" together with icing.. make one enormous cupcake work of art. Thankfully for the cake as well as the great folks who created this, the weather cooperated and it was cool and overcast most of the day. I cannot imagine putting in as many hours as they graciously did to have this creation melt! They began baking the day before, and the assembly process began on site at 5 am. The cake was estimated to be well over 500 pounds. This was just too cool not to share.. hope you enjoyed and had a great weekend.

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